What is DashTAGG®?

DashTAGG® is a unique sponsored social mobile game of “tag” between friends which involves both physical and digital participation. Each player accumulates points and is rewarded for performing “digital TAGGs” which are pictures taken of other participating players.

How does it work?

Your favorite brands sponsor a game/challenge in DashTAGG®. You then locate and scan QR Codes to earn “TAGGs” and points based on participating retail or event locations. Once “TAGGs” are loaded, you can take pictures of other participating players to earn points, rewards and ultimately win the challenge.

How to Play DashTAGG®

  • Download DashTAGG®
  • Sign in securely using Facebook or Twitter and locate the game list icon to join a game
  • Find “TAGGs” using the app and scan QR codes. “TAGGs” enable you to take photos of other participants. Scan the QR code to receive your first TAGG
  • Take pictures of (“TAGG”) participating players who are within range
  • Earn points and offers for loading TAGGs and TAGGing players. The player with the most points wins prizes and rewards


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DashTAGG® is always looking for new ideas, bugs and better experience for you the user. Please, do NOT be shy and let us know how DashTAGG® can help you!

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